Club Administrators

Paula Anderson

(08) 9721 3633

Kelly Mitchell

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New Members

‘Saving Lives, Preventing Injuries, Enjoying our Beaches’ is our Club vision and I would like to welcome you into the Surf Life Saving movement and wish you all the best in your future endeavours within the City of Bunbury SLSC.

All our members enjoy a rich culture and the proud tradition of Surf Life Saving here in the City of Bunbury SLSC, and you are now part of this fantastic club and the Surf Life Saving movement.

Wearing the traditional red and yellow colours, the City of Bunbury SLSC prides itself on our excellent service to the Bunbury community. Your membership in our great club has provided you with the privilege to become a true Aussie, Surf Lifesaver in the City of Bunbury SLSC, and I congratulate you for this achievement.

Education, competition and community service are all on offer to you as a member of our club. The information contained in this website will hopefully provide you with a general overview of all club activities, and at any time please don’t hesitate to speak to members of the club for more information.

I hope the friendships and skills you gain over your time with us grow, and last a life time. Remember, you will never be alone wearing the black, white and burgundy colours of this great club, and the red and yellow colours of Surf Life Saving.

Denise Duncan, President

Renew Membership

The SLSA Members Portal is a one stop shop for all members online needs including the renewal of your Club Memberships.

All Membership Renewals and New Memberships are administered online through the Portal. Please see the step by step guide on how to establish a Members Portal Account and to Renew your Club Membership.

Membership Categories

Please see the Membership Pack for membership fees.

Junior Activities

Affectionately known as our Minnow and Nipper Age Groups, these programs are designed for developing aquatic safety skills, surf awareness, team leadership and communication skills. These are conducted every Sunday morning between the hours of 9.30am and 11.00am. In a stimulating, challenging and fun environment we aim to prepare these junior lifesavers for a lifetime of surf safety and fun, and guide them towards becoming fully qualified, committed, dedicated Surf Lifesavers prepared to volunteer their time to ensure we have safe enjoyable beaches.

Age at 30th September

Age Group Cap Colour Age @ 30th Sept Fees (Inc GST)
Minnows Pink 5 yrs $150 (includes parent/gardian)
Under 7's White 6 yrs $150 (includes parent/gardian)
Under 8's Yellow 7 yrs $125
Under 9's Green 8 yrs $125
Under 10's Blue 9 yrs $125
Under 11's Purple 10 yrs $125
Under 12's Dark Blue 11 yrs $125
Under 13's Red 12 yrs $125
Under 14's Water Safety 13 yrs $125

Active Cadet

Active Cadets are a minimum age of 13 and up to 15 years of age as of the 30th September, and train for the Surf Rescue Certificate. This award is the minimum requirement to become a patrolling Surf Life Saver.

Active Member

Active members are over the age of 15 years who hold the minimum requirement of the Bronze Medallion. Active members duties range from patrols on the beach, water safety for community events and much more. Members in this category can progress to more advanced levels of Awards.

Probationary Members

Probationary Members are over the age of 15 years who have not yet attained the required SLSA Award. Members remain in this category until the relevant SLSA Award has been attained.

Associate Member

An Associate member is one who is over the age of 18 years and does not hold a Surf Life Saving Award. This membership provide members with access to the Club Gym facilities only.

Award Members

Award members are those who are proficient in an SLSA Award of one, or more, of the following: Surf Rescue Certificate; First Aid Certificate; Resuscitation and/or Advanced Resuscitation Certificate; Radio Award/s. Members are rostered for patrol and/or other club obligations within the ability of their qualifications.

General Member

Members who are not currently part of a family membership but wish to enjoy the advantages of the Club facilities are encouraged to join under this category. Members under this category do not have voting rights or have use of club educational resources for SLSA Awards.

Long Service Members

Long Service Members must have completed 10 years plus of SLSA patrol duty.

Family Fee

A Family Fee is available for 2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children under 18 yrs of age as at 30th September. Each member of the family must however, select a membership category from the above, excluding Associate Membership and there are extra fees for additional children. Please refer to the fee schedule in the membership pack.