Jaksta Music Recorder for Mac

The Advanced Music Downloader for Mac.

More than just a music downloader, Jaksta Music Recorder also includes song fingerprinting technology, which identifies the artist, album and title of the song and saves it with the downloaded file. Simply awesome!

Its simple to use

Here's how:

  • Play a song or YouTube video
  • Watch it appear in Jaksta Music Recorder, with artist and title information
  • Hover over the song, click the iTunes icon, and it's copied to your iTunes library as a fully tagged MP3 file

The best YouTube Music downloader

Jaksta Music Recorder can download YouTube music videos to MP3 files. Use Jaksta Music Recorder for your YouTube music video downloads as it is the best YouTube music video downloader for Mac.

The best Pandora Music downloader

Jaksta Music Recorder can download Pandora music to MP3 files. Use Jaksta Music Recorder for your Pandora music downloads as it is the best Pandora music downloader for Mac.

High Speed, High Quality Recording

Jaksta Music Recorder downloads perfect digital copies of the songs you hear, at up to 10x times the playback speed. Even videos are converted into MP3s automatically at the highest possible quality.

Identifies 3,000,000+ Songs

Jaksta Music Recorder recognizes over three million songs, using an ever-growing database and advanced song fingerprinting technology. So whatever song you download, you'll know the artist, title, album and genre of the song. No more "mystery" downloads

Save 10 Songs Free

Install Jaksta Music Recorder now, and see why it's the most advanced music downloader for Mac. Try it free, and save ten songs in trial mode.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Every Jaksta product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Order now with full confidence. Normally $19.95, but order now for a special offer.

Watch this quick video to see Jaksta Music Recorder in action