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Neil Robertson

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Phill Best

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Youth Development Program - Sunday Mornings

The City of Bunbury SLSC Youth Development Program is a structured, supervised training environment run on a Sunday morning during the season from 8.30am to approximately 10.30am.

Program Aim and Structure

The Program aims to provide continued learning and support for young people to help them become valuable members of the club, capable patrolling lifesavers, skillful competitors across a range of areas, and respected members of the local community. The program covers the following areas:

Training and Awards

Surf lifesaving education programs – Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC); Bronze Medallion (BM), First Aid, Resuscitation and various other SLSA awards

Skills Coaching

Surf sports training and specialised coaching for non-competing and competing individuals to develop new skills and areas of expertise as well as have fun. Check out the Surf Sports Training schedule for ski paddling, boards, beach sprinting and flags as well as well as boat rowing, and if you want to learn new skills then attend a development session and give-it-a-go!

Leadership Development

Development and Leadership Camps – Rise up Camps – promoted by Surf Life Saving WA.; TOAD Camp – (Teamwork, Opportunity and Development); SLSA Leadership College – conducted by SLS Australia on the east coast; and Youth Captain Roles; and Club committee roles.

Rise Up Camp (SLSWA)

The Rise Up Camp is designed to cater for 15 and 16 year old members. This camp provides an opportunity for members to participate in a wide range of physical and social activities that will develop personal leadership skills. Age Group: U17s

Teamwork, Opportunity and Development (TOAD) Camp (SLSWA)

The TOAD Camp is a development program open to 13 and 14 year old members. The camp is designed to expose participants to a variety of skills and activities that will enhance and encourage their development within our organisation.

For all SLSWA Camps the club will request nominations and the City of Bunbury SLSC Awards Selection Committee will make a recommendation/s to the Board. These are highly sought after camps so please make sure you have completed your patrol hours, assisted and supported the club in whatever way you can and display your passion, initiative, and positive attitude at every opportunity.

Social Activities

Friendship, camaraderie and fellowship is a major aim of the Youth Development Program. Surf Life Saving is a great way to meet new people, hang with your friends and while volunteering to save lives. The Club will conduct youth orientated social activities and we encourage you to attend all Club social events so you really get to know your clu

Sunday Morning Activities

Arrive at the club and go onto the beach to meet Phill at 8.30am to register for the Club Swim. Ensure you have your visibility vest on and ready to go, sunscreen, water, towel, sun protective clothing (including a hat) and warm clothing for those chilly days. The club swim will have 2 courses from which you can choose – a short course around 200m and the senior cans which is just under 400m. Your time for each swim will be registered and participants will then be handicapped through-out the season. A board race will follow and you can choose your distance again. Club boards will be available for you so check with Phill. A beach sprint will conclude the surf sports morning1 After the club swim, board race and beach sprint, all Youth Members are to meet with Phill and groups will participate in various activities according to the Program Pathway Objectives, surf conditions and leadership ratios. Some youth will be participating in their SRC or Bronze course during the morning, while others may be water safety officers for a nipper age group or even an Assistant Age Group Manager.


Information will be passed on each Sunday morning via our Youth Co-ordinator, Phill Best. As well as the Back wash Brief Newsletter emailed to you each week, please join the City of Bunbury SLSC Youth Face Book page, the Surf Sports Face Book page, and Lifesaving and Patrols Face Book page These avenues of communication will provide various information throughout the season, and should be checked regularly.


If you have not completed your SRC or Bronze Medallion, then these are also something that need to be completed during this season. Under14s and Under 14s and Under 15 s who are new to surf lifesaving will need to complete their Surf Rescue Certificate. 1Under 15 and over need to complete their Bronze Medallion. You will need to go onto the City of Bunbury SLSC Website and complete an “Expression of Interest” form that you return to Mel at the office. They will then inform our Director of Education Jeff Scott who will allocate you to a training group. This season we are endeavouring to have most courses complete one of the weekly sessions on a Sunday morning during Youth time.


Once you have your award you are required to attend rostered patrols. Patrolling the Back Beach and Koombana Bay beach is what our Club exists for. They are our core value. While you are on patrol your Patrol Captain is in charge and will give you tasks to do. Be active and get involved. If you have any questions ask your Patrol Captain.

Annual Proficiency

By the 31st of December each year, all active youth and senior members must requalify in their bronze or SRC awards. The club allocates specific dates for members to complete their requalification in their Bronze or SRC awards. Please keep yourself updated with the club newsletters, calendar, and facebook pages for all relevant information.