User Guide: Jaksta Media Player for Windows (v3)

User Guide: Jaksta Media Player for Windows (v3)

The buttons on the toolbar are as follows (from left to right):

  • Open (Changes to Stop when a file is playing). Click to Add files to play.
  • Play (Changes to Pause when a file is playing)
  • Previous: Plays the previous file
  • Next: Plays the next file
  • Slider: Drag to move back and forward in the file
  • Sound: Drag to increase or decrease the sound
  • Mute
  • Playlist: Click to Add files to the playlist
  • Preferences: Click to display the preferences

When Jaksta Media Player is installed you have the option of assoicating it will the file types it can play. This is the default option and files that can be played with the player appear in Windows Explorer with Jaksta Media Players icon.

Playing files is then as easy as double clicking them in Windows Explorer.

You can also select Jaksta Media Player to play a file, by right clicking it in Windows Explorer and selecting Open With > Jaksta Media Player

If you open Jaksta Media Player from the Start Menu or Desktop icon then you can add files to it to play by:

  • Dragging them from Windows Explorer onto the player
  • Clicking the Open icon and then from the File tab the Add button or switching to the Disc tab and selecting the drive to play. Then click the Playbutton.

  • Clicking the Playlisticon and adding files to play


To switch to full screen mode when playing a video, just double click the video. To switch back to a windowed view press the Esc key on your keyboard.


To change the playback speed of a video, right mouse click the video and select Playback > Speed

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